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    With a residency in one of the biggest clubs in Manchester, Jon is a multi-format DJ who can condense and mashup decades worth of music into a powerful and thought provoking set.

    His career (now in its 12th year) has seen him play in some of the biggest and most intimate clubs up and down the U.K. He may have been later than most to start on this ‘DJ’ path, but his passion and determination, teamed with his sheer musical knowledge, has meant he has taken big strides forward to achieving his own dream.

    From his early days at the helm in one of Luminar’s flagship clubs (Chicago Rock) in his hometown of Wigan, he has drawn from the music (non stop party) and carved out a career which has seen him return on occasions to the party scene, but also progress onto different genres, with his last Deep House mix, earning him a place on the stage at BPM (The biggest DJ convention) to compete for the title of ‘DJ of the year 2015’

    From his varied mixes on his DJ page alone, (from Brit Pop to Old School, from 80’s to Trance) we predict bigger and better things from Jon and believe he’ll be around for many years to come

    “The good thing about being a DJ is that you get to reinvent yourself everyday”

  • Act Type:   DJ
  • Experience:   Club, Bars, Weddings and Corporate Events
  • Awards:   BPM DJ of the year 2015 Finalist
  • Perfect for:   Parties, Weddings, and Corporate


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