Comedian & Compere Chris Boyle


Comedian & Compere Chris Boyle



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    Having spent most of his adult life teaching A Level Law to the adolescent youth of Preston and Wigan, Chris Boyle finally delivered on his threats to take up stand-up comedy in September 2013, making a triumphant debut at the award-winning Manchester comedy club XS Malarkey. Years of combining murder with mirth in order to entertain the notoriously hard to please teenage audience of his day job, proved to be the perfect preparation for his second career in comedy. No subject is safe from Chris’ razor-like wit and he can be regularly found honing his skills at the “New Stuff” night at The Comedy Store, Manchester. Chris’ geeky nature, which usually entails obscure and mainstream cultural references, is cheeky and controversial in places but he is very easy going, and his friendly delivery means that he never strays too far across the line.

  • Act Type:   Comedian and Compere
  • Experience:   Match Day MC Preston North End, SpeedQuizzing Host, Comedy Store Manchester
  • Additional Skills:   Script writing, Directing, Short Film Shooting, and Comedy
  • Perfect for:   Corporate


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