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Wedding Live Stream


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    With present restrictions in place due to COVID 19, the Coronavirus has affected many weddings and couples need to make difficult choices about who can attend. To help with this, we now offer wedding live streaming packages so you can share your big day with everyone you love. Our intimate 2 x camera package will capture all the magical moments in stunning HD and provide you with a copy after the event. Our wedding live streaming service is available throughout the North West including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Wigan and Cheshire.

    We provide a broadcast quality feed using 2 x Canon G25 camcorders with a Blackmagic ATEM broadcast mixer to ensure seamless cuts between cameras. We will set up a dedicated Zoom meeting for your friends and family to log into and provide you with a digital copy after the wedding.

    This service is subject to local restrictions at the time of the wedding.


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