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    Ever wondered how much your guests know about you, but wanted to break the ice in a fresh, fun and original way? Get Quizzical with Ntertain!

    This package provides an innovative spin on a traditional quiz using your smartphone or tablet with the SpeedQuizzing application, available on the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s a fast paced, multiple choice, ‘fastest-finger-first’ style quiz that will have everyone interacting. The app is FREE, very simple to use and as well as your phone or tablet, it’s all you need!

    At Ntertain we can create a truly unique quiz tailored you and your guests for a really entertaining experience on a Birthday, Wedding, Corporate Event and much more! All that you have to do after you enquire is supply us with any information you would like to be included in the quiz, e.g. pictures, important dates, favourite things like food, sports etc. and any question ideas that you would like us to use. The rest is taken care of by us at Ntertain!

    It’s the UK’s number one quizzing application and it’s taking us by storm, so get on board and Get Quizzical now!