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Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Breakfast entertainment ideas blog

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas to WOW your guests!

As a wedding entertainer for 20 years it still amazes me, that people often don’t know that the first meal you have as a married couple is called the Wedding Breakfast. Although traditions gradually change over the years the comments of “where’s the eggs and bacon then?” don’t. I personally love to entertain during the wedding breakfast and want to share with you why I feel it is the best time to engage your guests and make them believe that your wedding is the best wedding they have ever been too. 

So let me set the scene… your guests have been to many weddings before where they have been deafened by the sound of cutlery on plates during a 2 hour meal. Especially those friends that are sat with people they don’t know, trying to make small talk. In my experience if you change the perception early enough in the day, your guests will be looking forward to what is going to happen next rather than planning to book their Taxi for 10 o’clock.

Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters Red Hall Hotel

Surprise entertainment for your wedding breakfast served by our amazing singing waiters. Our incognito performers will blend in with venue staff, serving food and drinks interacting with guests without them suspecting what is yet to come. Once the deserts are served the singing waiters will reveal their inner diva and perform a fabulous interactive show. Your guests will be on their feet singing and dancing with delight.

Wedding Host

Fun Wedding Breakfast Ideas

Traditionally a wedding celebration would be guided by a Toast Master. But if you would like to have the peace of mind someone is looking after formalities, but in a fun modern way why not book a wedding host? Our hosts will keep the atmosphere fun, ensure the smooth running of formalities and also add some unique touches to make sure guests remember your wedding for years to come.

Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer John Norcott at The Belsfield Hotel Bowness Windermere

A wedding singer can add so much more than just singing at a wedding breakfast. He or she will provide a much needed talking point for guests, along with entertainment in between courses. Whether you want a low key swing singer, a smooth Motown singer or a lively fun singer we have a great selection of wedding singers for all tastes. Checkout our wedding entertainment page for more suggestions.